The Old Post Office 1910,The second tallest structure in Washington, DC

Ya, the building itself is appropriate in involving the Capital and also the White home, and Donald place a sign that is big "Trump coming 2016" right in the exterior. Kinda funny really. Interesting. I ...

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  • Ya, the building itself is right in between the Capital and the White House, and Donald put a big sign saying "Trump coming 2016" right on the outside. Kinda funny really.
  • Interesting. I understand it's been pretty underutilized, and a hotel makes sense. Hopefully you can still take a tour up to the tower.
  • I haven't been there recently (before it got shut down after being bought), but it was a mall that I really enjoyed growing up. Like, the classiest mall you can imagine. Wrought iron everything, and marble. Classic design. Kinda like an old post office (rimshot).. like the Grand Central Station of post offices, converted into a mall.
  • They did this with the main post office in Amsterdam as well. It's a great way of preserving a building like this and its public nature, I think. God knows why people needed post offices that looked like palaces though.
  • Yeah, that's the style. It's crappy resolution (like 300x400), but this picture gives a good idea of what you'd have with The Old Post Office in DC. To Trump's credit, I'll bet he'll keep the look to a certain extent, but his name might as well be a synonym for "trash" with me and I'm sure I'm not alone.
  • I could see us, DC, egging that hsit every other night
  • That's just crazy enough to work. It sure as hell would hurt the property value which, let's face it, is all Donald Trump will ever care about. And if it works, maybe we can do a similar plan to make Snyder sell the Redskins to an owner who gives a damn about returning back to a winning tradition. Like when Jack Kent Cooke owned it.
  • Imagine if he wins the White House and then one of his hotels is four blocks down the road.
  • He could turn the White House into a casino/hotel for all we know.
  • Thanks! I'm working on a project right across the street from this. When I saw OP's post I was pulling my hair out trying to remember where I've seen this building.
  •'re working across the street, and you didn't recognize it?
  • Nope, I was only there for a few weeks and I was blinded by the Trump 2016 billboards plastered all over it.
  • Right before they announced he was buying the building I was walking to lunch right by there and one of my buddies said "hey, there's Donald Trump". Sure enough it was him, his daughter, and a bunch of reporters or something.
  • 🙁
  • Beautiful! Both the architecture and your work. The best part about it for me is the chauffeurs.
  • Thank you!
  • The Old Post Office 1910, Washington D.C. Harris & Ewing Glass Negative. In the Library of congress. Before & After Original more from me Built from 1892 to 1899 to house the U.S. Post Office Department Headquarters and the city's post office, the Old Post Office Building is the second-tallest structure in the nation's capital, after the Washington Monument. The clock tower reached 315 feet (96 m) into the air. For most of the twentieth century, it seemed that the massive Romanesque Revival structure was destined to be demolished, but through the efforts of dedicated preservationists it has become one of Washington's favorite landmarks. Architect: Willoughby J. Edbrooke Construction Dates: 1892-99 Landmark Status: Listed in the National Register of Historic Places Location: 12th Street & Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. Architectural Style: Romanesque Revival Primary Materials: Granite, steel, iron Prominent Features: Clock tower, atrium, Congress Bells
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