Nuremberg Nazi rally, 1937 [1280x855]

We've always thought conflicted whenever taking a look at the uniforms of the reich, We actually enjoy the design, colors, etc... nevertheless the history and horror with the feeling that us as humans can be behind it leaves me ...

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  • I've always felt conflicted when looking at the uniforms of the reich, I really enjoy the design, colors, etc... but the history and horror behind it leaves me with the feeling that us as humans can be so inhuman.
  • I think you just have to admire their expertise in the use of design and pageantry to further their ends. Just like you can admire the design of a Panzer. But that doesn't mean you are on their side. To see how design is used for evil is a great way to understand the power of design in general. When it's used for bland commercial ends it's so ubiquitous that its power becomes invisible.
  • This is the fascinating part about the whole reich design and theme, it was done very successfuly to portray order, strength and superiority. It's very effective as an illusion.
  • It was only an illusion toward the end of WW II, no?
  • I meant their design, symbolism, art, architecture.
  • Noted!
  • Interesting. Looking at this picture I have no idea how we won that war. But if it was mostly for show it makes sense. Still shudder-inducing.
  • Most Americans are not taught that Russians had a huge impact on destroying the Nazi regime. In America, we take credit for everything.
  • They're also not taught about the mind-bogglying huge amounts of materials we shipped to the Russians to enable them to do so.
  • Because no matter how many people it looks like gathered here, America and the Soviet Union could have gathered a 1000 fields like this. The Nazis were outnumbered from the start, and never had a chance. Had Hitler stayed localized, he would have been Fuhrer for life, but he just couldn't stay within his borders.
  • I don't think he could've stayed localized. USSR would've steamrolled even an united nazi Europe.
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