Mont Saint-Michel

Really is. Stinks at low tide. We've been at both high and low, even though high should indeed be better, low tide appears oddly surreal. Do do individuals live there? Yeah, aside from the clergy ...

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  • Truly is. Stinks at low tide.
  • I've been at both high and low, and while high is indeed better, low tide looks oddly surreal.
  • Do do people live there?
  • Yeah, besides the clergy and the shop owners you have maybe a few dozen actual inhabitants.
  • How do people live there? Are the homes all inherited? Is the real estate expensive? Are there any reasonable jobs besides "tourist shop owner" nearby?
  • I don't know anyone there, but like every similar city in Europe I'd imagine that most property is inherited and changes hands extremely rarely, and would fetch a high price doing so. Most of the activity around the Mont is related to tourism in one way or another. The surrounding countryside itself is also fairly touristic, since it's sitting at the border between Normandy and Brittany. There are a few small towns in the vicinity, which have some level of indigenous activity, as well as a lot of agriculture.
  • There are some homes, but not many .
  • I seem to remember that there's a small monastic community still based there.
  • Not a castle really as it's a monastery, but it's still breathtaking to behold!
  • A fortified monastery
  • That's faith in action
  • Faith won't repel Vikings.
  • If anyone's visiting, I'd recommend hanging out until vespers (5.30 or so iirc) and sneaking in the mass. Even for the non-religious, the lights at sunset glowing through the stained glass and the echoing chants of the brothers make for a stupendous experience. Bonus points if you know enough French to hear the monks praying for the wayward souls of the travellers who obviously don't belong there.
  • Ooh It's those tasty sheep that graze on the saltwater plains,
  • Gorgeous
  • That's otherworldly
  • More so in this shot
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