Confederate States of America hundred dollar bill [2686x1145]

Yup. Observe that it is perhaps not payable until six months following the ratification for the comfort treaty. Shoud've spent in Yahoo "The Civil War ended up being about state's rights" yes the right ...

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  • Yup. Notice that it's not payable until six months after the ratification of the peace treaty.
  • Shoud've invested in Yahoo
  • "The Civil War was about state's rights" yes the right to own slaves as you can see here by the slaves on their currency
  • Seriously. The most prominent image on Confederate war bonds depict slaves working on a plantation. It really can't get any clearer what "liberties" they were fighting for.
  • Not to mention Southern Politicians seriously pushed for the super messed up Fugitive Slave Laws and wanted them implemented by the Federal Government, but that's not trampling on states rights at all.
  • Isn't the color of these bills where the phrase "Not worth a red cent" is from?
  • Awww look at those hard working slaves.
  • why does it have slaves on them?
  • Well, the Confederates totally didn't care about having slaves so I have no clue. /s
  • For any revisionists who say that the Civil War had nothing to do with slavery, it's always an unfriendly reminder to see slaves picking cotton on the facking Confederate war bonds.
  • Non-compounding interest is a strange concept to me. Never thought about doing a loan that way.
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