Anti-suffragette poster, America, ~1900-1915

This lady does not simply take hsit from anyone It's a piece that is small of two page spread: Really picture that is great. Completely situation that is fine, a nightmare in the old times. ...

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  • This lady doesn't take hsit from anyone
  • It's a small piece of a two page spread: Really great picture. Perfectly fine situation today, a nightmare in the old times.
  • I can imagine all the men seeing that poster in the bar, laughing about how women are suddenly going to end up in bars now. Come on! All of their voices sound like Gob Bluth I can't help it.
  • This looks like a pretty rad place to hangout.
  • Seriously, check out the right side of the pub. Free Almonds and Fudge!
  • So the message is: "don't support suffragettes or women will become way too cool for you"
  • I find it interesting that even in the "nightmare" scenario being presented, the person who made the poster couldn't concieve of women wearing short hair, or abandoning corsets, or (gasp, shudder, horror) wearing bloomers (pants would be even more unthinkable). And, as always, note the "gentleman's lounge". The idea here is a sort of conservation of oppression. If women become less oppressed, the poster argues, men must become more oppressed; total oppression remains constant. The idea of equality seems to be literally unthinkable to the sort of person who drew and liked the poster here.
  • Conservation of oppression... That is perhaps the most profound idea I've heard this week. It explains so much of the rhetoric in so many civil-rights struggles. Freeing black people will make whites into slaves; recognizing gay marriages will delegitimize straight ones. You oughta write a book.
  • Perfectly fine situation today Are there still first world bars where you can smoke?
  • I've definitely smoked inside in both Berlin and Prague within the last 3 years
  • I live in Southern California and there is kind of a 'loophole bar' near where I live which basically has a room with one wall as a fence so it's technically a patio.
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