A meeting of the Mickey Mouse Club, early 1930s - [1900x1414]

It's like a nightmare I think it is just a little sad that one thing such as this invokes an answer of creepiness, even for me too though it did the same. Thinking back to how that available room must have actually ...

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  • It's like a nightmare
  • I find it a little sad that something like this invokes a response of creepiness, even though it did the same for me too. Thinking back to how that room must have really been, filled with children's laughter and happiness. Now we find it creepy because of the black and white photo along with the masks even though it really shouldn't be. That said, after looking at the picture for a bit: yeah it is creepy as hell lol
  • Reminds me of a facked up Fallout vault experiment
  • It looks like something from Dr. Who
  • Or from "The Wall"
  • "You can't have your pudding until you eat your meat!" ...and you're right, that's what I thought of too.
  • I just now realized that it's the same group of kids repeating over and over.
  • I wouldn't look too closely at the background of Lord of the Rings battles if I were you...
  • ... are there ghosts?
  • All in all you're just another mick in the hall
  • or the "Shining"
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