Wright Brothers, 1905.

TIL. Thank you. Really picture that is cool. This sub is loved by me a great deal. It's so cool to see exactly what these social people actually looked like. Those old worn-out black and photos that are white people, however when ...

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  • TIL. Thank you. Very cool picture.
  • I love this sub so much. It's so cool to see what these people actually looked like. Those old worn-out black and white photos dehumanize people, but when I see stuff like this, it makes me remember that they actually were real people with full lives.
  • I agree. These especially have that effect on me, as I'm from Dayton originally, and grew up learning about them. I've never seen them look "real" like this. My uncle wrote an incredible book that followed their ancestors from the Revolutionary War up to the invention of the airplane. It's a lot of history. I'm going to have to share this with him.
  • My roommate is from Dayton! I didn't know they were from there.
  • Hell yeah! Birthplace of Aviation! (Shut your mouth North Carolina) We have a museum with a replica of their bike shop that's pretty cool. The Wright Patterson Air Force Museum is outstanding if you love history. Your roomie has to know. It wasn't until I left Dayton that I realized not everyone gets the Wright Brothers pounded into the fiber of their being.
  • Hell yeah! Birthplace of Aviation! (Shut your mouth North Carolina) As someone from Cincinnati, aka also an Ohioan, aka aka someone who's been to Wilbur and Orville's house in Dayton, I can totally understand why you said this. We are the birthplace of aviation, North Carolina! You just got to be a part of it cause of your sand and wind! >:(
  • Indeed!
  • Definitely something I never thought about till I moved away as well. Cool place to grow up, but not where I want to be in my mid 20's!
  • Agreed. I knew I wasn't staying when I was 12. Finally left at 22. It's not bad, just boring as hell.
  • I had a book that outlines their life from being kids up until quite late in the piece and flight has been week established as a thing. It was a great book, shame it's long since been donated to charity. But on the bright side hopefully numerous kids got the same thrill from it as I did.
  • A trip to their actual bike shop and home at Greenfield Village in Dearborn, MI is wonderful!
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