Wormwood Street in the City of London after the IRA detonated a truck bomb on 24 April, 1993 - [3500x2277]

For anybody wondering why it had been since the IRA were trying do damage Britain's economy as opposed to kill civilians. They killed lots of civilians along the way though. You cannot claim the ...

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  • For anyone wondering why it was because the IRA were trying do damage Britain's economy rather than kill civilians.
  • They killed plenty of civilians in the process though. You can't claim the moral high ground when placing bombs that target civilian areas, warning or no warning.
  • Yep, In Omagh though, they actually sent more people towards the bomb with the phone call.
  • They killed one journalist who reportedly ignored police warnings and entered the scene unauthorized. Not approving of their methods, but let's get our facts straight.
  • I think the first guy meant the IRA weren't trying to kill civilians in this instance, and the guy you replied to thought he meant the IRA weren't ever trying to kill civilians. I don't think anyone, regardless of opinion, would argue the IRA never intentionally killed civilians. They weren't keen to claim the deaths were intentional, but they did occasionally attempt to justify civilian deaths. Somewhat surprisingly (at the time), they officially apologised in 2002.
  • The aplogy was not just a 9/11 thing but also to do with advancing the peace process. There was a round of apologies from the post-terrorist groups that were decommissioning during the process.
  • Don't underestimate the immense pressure the IRA was under after 9/11. All of a sudden the financial ties of terrorist groups were being scrutinised. NORAID was funding the IRA for years and had never been outlawed by the US government. Funny considering the UK is the US's best military ally and even the american public was ok with the IRA killing and bombing the British. But 9/11 changed attitudes when terrorism hit home. Suddenly the IRA PR machine had to rethink it's strategy. As a protestant who lives in NI its the single most unforgiveable thing the US has done imo to this country. And yes people will point out Gaddafi etc..but should we compare a crazy dictator with a well informed democratic populous? And americans will call the IRA freedom fighters. Depends if you're on the recieving doesn't it?
  • I'm American. My boss's family is from Northern Ireland. His older brothers and parents were born there. He talks about The Troubles now and then. Apparently his aunt was shot and killed by a British soldier. So there were people in the States who had legitimate reasons for anger and concern. I think that those people took advantage of other "Irish" Americans who were several generations in the states, and were in fact not properly informed on the issue. They didn't see the consequences of their support and if they did they wouldn't have supported it. Diaspora communities always tend to be radical because they don't live with the reality of it.
  • How did he feel about 9/11?
  • Did the Protestants in Northern Ireland not kill more civilians than the IRA? Cain gives it as 878 civilians killed by loyalist paramilitary vs 723 by republicans paramilitary
  • What the hell did he expect to find or report? "As you can see Jim, it's definitely some kind of explosive."
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