Waiting on the Steps in New Orleans, 1935

he dead now dw He's got Yaoi fingers. I consider this picture and I understand that this person's household had been probably slaves. He'd probably possess some stories that are fascinating tell. ...

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  • he dead now dw
  • He's got Yaoi hands.
  • I look at this picture and I realize that this individual's family were probably slaves. He would probably have some fascinating stories to tell. Great pic.
  • Probably his own parents. The 13th amendment was passed in 1865, he appears to be at least 60 in this photo. If we assume that, he was born ~1875 so his parents would have to be born in 1860 at the latest. Unless his parents were fortunate enough to have gained their freedom somehow, they would have been slaves for at least their younger years.
  • Yeah that was my thinking. Better stated than I could of.
  • I followed that line of thought too
  • Untitled photo, possibly related to: Street scene in New Orleans, LA, Ben Shahn, Photographer for the U.S. Farm Security Administration. Image available at the Library of Congress original before and after More from me
  • This one got me, Deborah - nice work!
  • Thank you Mads
  • I don't think colorized is the right word these days.
  • I agree. I don't use it to describe this work anymore.
  • What do you use?
  • African American
  • Only Photoshop. With a tablet and the mouse .
  • Sorry, I meant if you don't use the word "colourisation", then what do you call it?
  • Hah..sorry! see my other comment
  • Breathing life into art?
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