Times Square, 1947

Its great exactly how many for the products being marketed listed here are either no longer market leaders or still an item. We would imagine they changed pretty frequently. The types of businesses that may ...

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  • Its great how most of the products being marketed here are either no longer market leaders or still a product.
  • I would imagine they changed pretty frequently. The kinds of companies that can afford space on Times sqr these days would outlive facking cockroaches in a nuclear holocaust.
  • I suppose the companies behind them will but there is a plethora of ads for TV shows and movies that flop pretty hard. Its kinda funny how Pepsi doesn't maintain a regular presence in Time Square like Coke does. The last Pepsi ad I saw was on the walgreens on 7th ave. Looks like Kinsey was from the end of prohibition to mid 1986. Ruppert has a more interesting story it looks like. He reached colonel in the USNG, Built Yankee stadium (the old one), purchased the contract of Babe Ruth while he was owner of the Yankees, made it into the baseball hall of fame in 2013, and elected to the house of representatives twice. Side note, he introduced numbers to his players uniforms which later became standard practice. Ironically looks like Ruppert Knickerbocker Beer was the beer of the New York Giants at this time too. Thew brewery shut down in the 60s, though the brand was acquired by another brewery but discontinued in the 70s. Super Suds was owned by Colgate-Palmolive but I can't find any information other than its history as a radio advertisement. Interesting, The Outlaw starring Jane Russel (back left) was a movie from 1943. Maybe the title is labelled incorrectly? ps: Look at how high all the dudes pants are on their waists, lol
  • Couldn't be. Possessed came out in 1947.
  • isn't that the definition of all products.
  • Not everything has to be a market leader to be a product, not everything has to disappear to be a product. So to answer your question, I think not.
  • The definition of all products in the picture.
  • Except for Joan Crawford.
  • When I first saw it I was picturing Joan Rivers in her early years. She would of been around 17 at that time lol
  • no longer market leaders hahahaah pepsi
  • Its great how most of the products hahahaah context
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