there is a castle in a cave...

This might be one thing i'd now like to know. Amazing. Many thanks for sharing! That is fascinating and sort of hilarious. Lol right. A years siege on a castle whenever they had gunpowder? ...

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  • This is something I'd like to know now.
  • Amazing.
  • Thanks for sharing! That's fascinating and kind of hilarious.
  • Lol right. A years siege on a castle when they had gunpowder? Peasant, please.
  • What.
  • Fantastic. Knew I recognized the castle. I'm in my twenties now, I've been there when I was twelve or so. This anecdote immediately sprung to mind.
  • All it takes is like, one cannon.
  • ... I like to go there in my sleep.
  • We only have a church in a cave over here 🙁 -
  • That's cool, where is this?
  • Covadonga, in Asturias (Spain). Right next to that chapel are the tombs of Pelagius , first king of Asturias and starter of the Reconquista , and Alfonso I
  • ... in a mountain!
  • Gotta stick close to where its guard dragon lives.
  • It is in Slovenia, beautiful country!
  • Salzbourg?
  • A cave which no man has entered...
  • I'm pretty sure I've seen an old Jackie Chan movie that finishes within the castle and the cave behind it
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