The Empire State - Fifth Ave & 41st Street, NYC in 1933

Arrived right here to express that. Would've been absolutely remarkable It nevertheless maintains that mystique. I traveled abroad to European countries for about 8 weeks so when people discovered i was a New Yorker, 9/10 ...

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  • Came here to say that. Would've been absolutely remarkable
  • It still maintains that mystique. I traveled abroad to Europe for about two months and when people found out i was a New Yorker, 9/10 would ask have I ever been to the top of the Empire State Building. Follow up question was usually 9/11 related. My trip was in 2005.
  • Yeah, our cities don't grow nearly as tall due to regulations and such. A lot has changed over the last 10 to 15 years though. More and more highrises/skyscrapers are popping up all over the place. Here's a fun little statistic, actually: In 1996, there were 2 buildings over 120m in The Netherlands. In 2006, there were 8. By 2020, there will be ~26.
  • Well it really fack up your views and such. And seeing how we have space enough, why build upwards? It just looks really really ugly in the end.
  • The Netherlands do not have enough space. They literally have to build walls to keep the sea away and make fake farmland.
  • Exactly. If you ask me, we should expand our soil outwards, and our cities upwards. Flevoland was a pretty cool idea but I feel we should do more with it.
  • Doggerland polder colony? Doggerland poler colony!
  • Lol ever been here? Space enough in almost all the provinces. Only south-holland, Utrecht and parts of brabant are a bit filled but even than, its really empty if you look around. There is lots of prime building ground. And while a skyline looks nice from the outside, there also are a lot of downsides to it. But ever been to Zeeland, Overijssel, drenthe, groningen or limburg? it's 90% nothingness and sky. I used to think the netherlands was really crowded, and we got the stats to back it up. But after travelling to Asia(china) and parts of south america. No way, the netherlands isnt crowded at all. It's really nice and quiet over here, even our cities. But skylines really fack up a view if you are INSIDE the city. Skylines look nice if you pass by from the highway but there are lot of downsides to such tall buildngs in such close proxitimty regardless of aesthetics.
  • Yes, I have been there. I have friends here in Wisconsin that have had to abandon their dairy farms in the Netherlands because land is too expensive. Urban sprawl is not a good thing.
  • they probably sold their farm for a really good profit and moved to the US. It's a common thing to do. There's actually been a documentary bout dutch farmers selling their farming rights and using the money to start giant farms over in america.
  • Meh. I do love a good skyline. Rotterdam is coming along nicely . (I remember standing beside that big grey building in the middle and thinking, 'Woah, that's massive.' ) If they keep building at this pace the place will look like Manhattan in 10 years. And then there's downtown London . Paris has it's fair share of highrises . Obviously it's all kind of packed together, but I feel like that's only appropriate if you want to do the older bits justice.
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