Store Owners in Koreatown, Los Angeles take defensive positions against rioters 1992 [600 x 400]

WOW. Are you ready to elaborate on some of the happenings? I ended up being just two at that time, so hearing a hand that is first would be really interesting (for absence of a better word). Additionally that employer deserves some ...

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  • WOW. Are you willing to elaborate on any of the happenings? I was only two at the time, so hearing a first hand account would be very interesting (for lack of a better word). Also that boss deserves some serious consideration for Best Boss.
  • This is my story: My parents lived in a neighborhood a couple blocks ahead of the police blockades and were directly in the path of the rioters when it started. In my dad's words: "the riots made night into day and the fires kept coming closer every hour. So I grabbed my mini ruger and sat on our balcony with our landlord and waited. We had no where else to go and no money, and I wasn't going to have my family sleep on the streets or lose their home." Luckily for us, the riots stopped three blocks from our home when the national guard started to move into the city. Anything else you want to know, just ask.
  • Everytime I hear about this I can't fathom how something this insane happened, I was very young when it happened and it always blows my mind.
  • I still can't fathom how the police lost control. You know, you think the police are there to protect you and serve you, but then when a maelstrom of hsit came they abandoned us. Today, I think the police and government is much better able to prevent something like this from escalating as much as it did, and I have faith in the system. But I still look at some cities and realize they are in a constant state of what LA was, like Detroit. You try to call the cops in Detroit and you will probably wait an entire day before they respond.
  • Detroit Average response time for highest-priority crime is 58 min. Might as well just show up the next day.
  • And they say I don't need my AR15 with more than 10 rounds and I have to have a bullet button and it cant be too short and the barrel can't be too short.
  • I prefer a 12-ga though. Still trying to convince the wife to let me buy a Remington 870 Express. She's one of those wait-for-the-police-to-save-us types.
  • I wanted the remmy 870. When I went in...they talked me up to the mossberg 590a1. No regrets. Check it out.
  • Will do some research, thanks.
  • The Supreme Court has already decided the police have no requirement to protect the public.
  • Well thats reassuring...
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