Speaking of aging Presidents: FDR in 1933 vs. 1945

It ought to be noted that along with Roosevelt's paralytic illness, which certainly did him no favors, he had heart that is serious through the end of their 2nd and third terms (and also the 3 months ...

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  • It should be noted that in addition to Roosevelt's paralytic illness, which certainly did him no favors, he had serious heart problems throughout the end of his second and third terms (and the three months of his fourth term, I suppose), though he was eventually killed by a stroke. He was only 63 in the second picture.
  • Wow amazing transformation. I'll add this to the album and post it to /r/pics someday.
  • It has been a year, I suppose ...
  • Repost it with "(x-post /r/Presidents )" at the end and I will love you forever and ever. The x-post part is very, very important
  • Also, done .
  • I've been wondering how to get more subscribers here. Once we get 5000, I can put it in the list of stuff on r/Politics ; I'll ask my fellow mods at r/History about putting this in the sidebar as well.
  • I just subscribed a couple days ago because someone referenced it in a comment. Pretty excited to see there's a whole subreddit devoted to the American Presidency. I've been fascinated with it since I was in first grade.
  • Welcome aboard. This subreddit is gonna grow a lot on Sunday. Just watch.
  • I've messaged so many mods it's ridiculous. My tactics are x-posting stuff from here to /r/historyporn and it has worked very well in my opinion. I've just been lazy the past few days. I'll post some there tonight. /r/politics told me they need 1k subs to get on the side. I don't think being on the side has done much for us though. We've been at the top of /r/economics for a week and haven't gotten much traffic as a result. Thanks for your help though. You'll definitely be on my potential mod list once the sub grows.
  • Thanks. I'm actually an /r/Politics mod, so once we break the threshold, I'll make sure it gets done. Maybe I'll put a bold new next to it. You'd be surprised what a subreddit listing with close to 2 million subscribers will do compared to one with 100K. Until then, I'll try to continue my contributions. I know I have some good stuff tucked away on my hard drive.
  • Oh wow I'm talking to a mod of a default..ok..stay calm...haha I kid. Thanks for your help.
  • I now hate that FDR picture thanks to that awful facebook page...
  • ...Shit. He almost looks dead already in the second one.
  • Well, that is 12 years.
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