Red Hot Frankfurters, 1942

Facking Christ Photojacker, a shock was had by me when I noticed the subreddit. Good work man. Thanks a lot. I should post some close ups of the reflections that are insane. Someone must have told ...

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  • facking Christ Photojacker, I had a shock when I noticed the subreddit. Good work man.
  • Thanks a lot. I should post some close ups of the insane reflections.
  • Somebody should have told him that the relish was for the frankfurter, not the Pepsi.
  • Why drive your car and fuss? - TAKE THE BUS!
  • I think they should use this slogan again..
  • ... And ice cold "drings".
  • I, too, like drings. Along with my muffit of tea .
  • Hahah I love Limmy. Adventure Call with Falconhoof is one of my favourite things ever. "Get Troll"
  • Good eye! At first, I thought you were being waisis.
  • What do you expect for $0.05?
  • Also lemanade
  • The best thing about this colorization (apart from... everything... because it's superbly done) is that this really does look like a color photograph. You didn't fall into the old timey sepia bullshit that a lot colorists tragically go for. Your colorization transports me to that time and place in a way that feels immediate and real. It's like I could reach out and grab one of those sodas.
  • Thank you, comments like this mean a huge amount to me. Whilst I realise that the photo is quite mundane to most people, it represented a huge technical challenge. Multiple light sources - daylight, camera flash, exterior - as well as shiny surfaces makes for some interesting practice for reflections and transparent materials. Couple that with then adjusting the global hues to match the Kodachrome reference shots, and it becomes complicated. I've attached some references from my research - it took a while to find enough of the elements from the genuine article to make sure it was authentic. Thanks again.
  • It really is a fantastic job, nice work.
  • Thanks too, and for the record after checking out the research you did for this one photo, you managed to floor me twice in one night.
  • Wow the research is even better! Is this a long time hobby of yours?
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