Practicing the Tilt Shift Effect

This is an exemplory case of true superficial level of industry, as well as in not what a real lens that is tilt-shift produce. While you have some work to do on technique, and possibly composition (to take advantage that is best ...

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  • This is an example of true shallow depth of field, and in not what a real tilt-shift lens could produce. While you have some work to do on technique, and possibly composition (to take best advantage of angle to improve the miniature illusion) I applaud your effort to accurately replicate a shallow depth of focus. This also shows an understanding of the vertical plane of focus you would really see in a photo of a small object or model at close focus distance. A tilt-shift lens cannot produce this shallow depth of field except is the same way any regular lens can, with close focus and smaller subjects. A tilt-shift lens would be used to tilt the plane of focus perpendicular (almost) to the sensor plane, throwing the top and bottom of the image out of focus, and creating a plane of deeper focus through the middle of the frame, very similar to the gradient filter often used to imitate this effect, and incorrectly labelled 'tilt-shift-effect'. The effect uses only the tilt function, and is actually a method of selective focus (the tool is not the effect, you see, and the tool is capable of many more useful effects, such as very deep sharp focus, and perspective correction).
  • Thanks for your analysis, however if you check out my source comment, you will note that this is not my image.
  • Ah, I apologise, I'm afraid I missed that when I commented.
  • Np, your comment was spot on.
  • source
  • did you do this with a tilt-shift lens or in photoshop?
  • Photoshop. You can clearly see it's a computerised blur if you'd had some experience looking at them, additionally, the blur in the bottom foreground is rather sloppily applied.
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