Otto Von Bismarck, 1871.

There is certainly even a sound recording of him. For many good reason i was expecting it to be in English. A nap.. is needed by me. The part that is first. It had been in English, German, French, and Latin. ...

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  • There is even a voice recording of him.
  • For some reason I was expecting it to be in English. I need a nap...
  • The first part was. It was in English, German, French, and Latin.
  • I find it so bizarre that he's singing the Marseillaise
  • He most likely didn't knew that this records will be historically relevant. According to Deutschlandradio it was a result of a advertising campaign in Europe for the Edison cylinder where Theo Wangemann collected records by famous Europeans. I guess singing the Marseillaise was more of a weird joke for him. The advice to his son to not work, eat and especially booze too much should support that he didn't took it too seriously.
  • Also, the part in latin before the Marseillaise is the Gaudeamus Igitur , a song that students in universities across Europe still sing as part of a commercium or cantus. Example
  • Photography has been around since the mid 1800s and Bismarck died in 1898 so it shouldn't surprise you. In fact there is even an infamous photograph of him from right after he died that was taken by a reporter who snuck and bribed his way into his bedchamber where he was lying on his deathbed.
  • I think this is the photo
  • It's truly touching to see such a great man in such a devastating state.
  • The greatest men wind up in the same place as the most insignificant of us, given enough time.
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