Night fishing in Hawaii, 1948

Just like an Angler Fish. You needs to be the seafood to get the fish. Hawaiian meals vehicle, 1948. Initial image and post from /r/OldSchoolCool More I saw that from me ...

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  • Just like an Angler Fish.
  • You must be the fish to catch the fish.
  • Hawaiian food truck, 1948.
  • Original image and post from /r/OldSchoolCool More From Me:
  • I saw that post and I was really hoping someone would colorize it. I was not expecting this quick of a turnaround. Good work!
  • Thank you. I saw it just today and I had to do it.
  • Normally it seems like I can tell that something was colorized, and that it's from this sub looking at the thumbnail. But this is just amazing. Some seriously talented artists in this sub. Holy shit.
  • That's what we all try to strive for, realism. Thanks.
  • Fuuuck that guys buff.
  • Holy hsit I was certain this was from r/pics . Cant believe how well done this is. So much warmth in that picture.
  • Thanks.
  • We used to go at night fishing on our boat with my father when I was little. I can confirm that fish is somewhat mesmerized by the light at night. We used a propane lamp.
  • He's using his selfie stick to find food!
  • I assume he's flounder fishing.
  • I dunno. He looks worried. That water is pretty murky. He be like..what wawaszat??
  • Michael Jackson would advise him not to do this.
  • I am on the fence when it comes to watermarks.
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