Muslim members of the Waffen-SS 13th division stop to pray ca. 1942 [520x342]

Completely story that is different you have context. Exactly. Why is this not comment that is top? It has become. Patience. Ago it isn't now if it was two hours. You posted it ...

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  • Completely different story when you have context.
  • Exactly. Why is this not top comment?
  • It is now. Patience.
  • If it was two hours ago it isn't now.
  • You posted it a minute ago, but it's top for comment for me.
  • Oh, huh, I'm sorted by top, what are you sorted by?
  • Sorted by best, maybe that's why!
  • Seems so! What's the default setting?
  • Not sure, I've changed it so many times. I always assumed best was default, but maybe it was top? I'm not sure I even know the difference?
  • I was once with my father in a village(NE Bosnia) by his old class mate, and they started to talk about the war in the 1990s and they also talked about WW2.During that his friend starts laughing while saying : " remember when I brought that helmet to school and told everybody my grandpa was an electrician?" I didn't understand it until later when I saw the SS logo.
  • Good to have some context, but it is incomplete. Bosnian Muslims had the choice between joining the Partisans (nominally Communist, but at the time primarily an inclusive, multi-ethnic resistance movement, offering an alternative to ethnic hatred), or the Nazis (locally represented in Bosnia by the more-murderous-than-Nazis Ustase movement). Bosnia had a large number of Jews before WWII (pre-war population of Sarajevo was almost 20% Jewish)... and none after the war. They were enthusiastically wiped by the Ustase gov't and local thugs like those pictured, not by the Germans over the protests of local authorities. In addition, tends of thousands of Serbs have been murdered as well, sawing the seeds of the madness of the 1990s. Most Bosnian Muslims chose to join the Partisans, so it's difficult to have much sympathy for those who volunteered to join the SS. These guys weren't just protecting their homeland, they were full-on SS, despite their wavering motivation to fight for Germany and lack of military valor.
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