Lee Harvey Oswald assassination.

we thought he ended up being talkin concerning the man in the very far kept who's the " what is this baloney''' appearance on their face "What is this baloney" made me laugh. Have always been I alone around ...

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  • i thought he was talkin about the guy on the very far left who has the " what is this baloney''' look on his face
  • "What is this baloney" made me laugh.
  • Am I the only one around here who spells it bologna, like it's supposed to be? E: guess I was taking crazy pills! I always said bologna. TIL Thanks everyone. And thanks for not being dicks like most of the rest of Reddit probably would've been
  • Yes, you are literally the only one. Not one single person on Reddit calls it bologna.
  • We finally drew him out of hiding! GET HIM!
  • My rule is that the meat product is bologna, nonsense is baloney.
  • Yea, I've been using 'bologna' my whole life and nobody ever thought to correct me...
  • Do you also pronounce it correctly!
  • Bologna is a city in Italy
  • It's weird how they have that suit propped up in the pose as the museum in Dallas. I don't know why but it creeped me out.
  • The grip he has on Oswald's pants and shirt is very interesting. I can't imagine that there was much time to react, but he was able to anchor Oswald and lean back, preventing any possibility of being pulled in the line of fire. Though, Oswald is so small in comparison that would have been very unlikely.
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