Inventor and physicist Thomas Alva Edison. New Jersey, 1911

We hear it's mileage that is excellent. Yeah, it does. It just goes on, and on, and on... Must. Resist. Urge. haha... "resist". holy hsit wtf some of the comments that are bottom ...

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  • I hear it has excellent mileage.
  • Yeah, it does. It just goes on, and on, and on...
  • Must. Resist. Urge.
  • haha... "resist".
  • holy hsit wtf some of the bottom comments on this page... do people really get that worked up over this?
  • When you're as good at SEO as the hack writer of the Oatmeal is, you can get neckbeards worked up over anything.
  • That's giving Oatmeal way too much credit. This has been going on since became popular on Digg.
  • the hack writer of the Oatmeal Genuinely curious - what exactly makes him a hack? He's obviously good at promoting himself, but is that necessarily a bad thing?
  • The issue with Inman isn't that he is just some humorous writer who sometimes talks about history in a pop culture way. The problem is he a strong and forceful advocate of his interpretations while making a lot of mistakes he refuses to acknowledge. This would be one thing if he wasn't so heavily invested in the Tesla circlejerk, but he is. He's raised money for the Tesla museum and he's also responded to people who have critiqued his view of Edison. So we're beyond simple self-promotion at this point. Inman has an invested interest and a personal bias on a historical matter. Speaking of which, his personal bias in regards to history is something he has also addressed in that rebuttal he did. "Don't cop out as a writer and adopt the easily defensible "we're all just humans and no one is remarkable" attitude. Pick a side. Praise your heroes. Demonize-a-cat-killing-overrated-inventor-douchebag." /r/badhistory has talked about this precise issue with Inman, and the idea that you have to pursue your own personal feelings of history is an extremely problematic one. You can certainly interpret things as you like, but you need to put the facts and information out there, and Inman is certainly guilty of spinning it. This /r/askhistorians post will give you a more robust understanding of what happened with Tesla and Edison. And in terms of personal bias, I will admit I have a huge dislike for the Oatmeal. A lot of it comes from personal taste (as well as Inman's pedantic obsession with typographical errors), but this issue is a big bugbear for me. He is promoting a very skewed, very circle-jerky view that is pro-Tesla, anti-Edison, and is profiting from it. You can't have it both ways. You either entertain people and admit that this is only a lighthearted view of two historical people, or you own the fact that you're promoting a pro-Tesla and anti-Edison agenda and stop hiding behind the excuse that you're a "comedian". Looking at any comments on the internet about anything Edison related proves the kind of impact this incredibly biased circlejerk is having. Edit: Holy eff I didn't even see the downvoted comments at the bottom. This is what I'm talking about. It's the spread of ignorance about a matter that is more complicated than people would like to think, as many historical issues are.
  • So if I get good at SEO I can have a neckbeard army to myself? I need to look into this.
  • Just follow this tried-and-true formula
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