HRH Princess Elizabeth II, aged 18, 1944

Thank you. /u/mygrapefruit 's variation on TIME is a colour that is different. Somebody should ask her exactly what gown she wore just how would you start picking exactly what colors ought to be what? We am extremely ...

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  • Thank you. /u/mygrapefruit 's version on TIME is a different colour.
  • Someone should ask her what dress she wore
  • How do you go about picking what colors should be what? I am incredibly uneducated in this stuff.
  • kind of looks like Emilia clarke
  • I've never noticed that before, but yeah she does a bit
  • An ugly khaleesi version
  • A pedantic point: It should just be HRH Princess Elizabeth. She is the second Queen Elizabeth not the second Princess Elizabeth.
  • Ah, thank you so much. I can't change the title unfortunately now but I'll bear it in mind.
  • Just a tag along point for anyone interested: HRH (his/her Royal Highness) is the title given to princes and princesses. His/her Majesty is the title given to Kings and Queens.
  • Also fun fact, HMCS stands for "her majesty's Canadian ship", same with USS being united states ship. So simple, but I never thought of it!
  • :/ that's a pretty well known one to people outside USA lol. There's HMS, HMAS, HMNZS etc...
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