"How to tell Japanese from Chinese" [1941, USA, Racism]

In the event that image was at color it will help however it's an newspaper that is old. lol. We show kids from all over asia, and while there are grooming and gown differences from one culture to another, it's ...

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  • If the picture was in colour it might help but it's an old newspaper.
  • lol. I teach kids from all over asia, and while there are grooming and dress differences from one culture to another, it's pretty hard (at least for me) to tell a Chinese person from a Korean person, from a Japanese person. Actually, now that I think about it, I have a slightly easier time with Japanese people, but I strongly suspect that it's mostly due to grooming and dress.
  • In Seoul there's a big tourist shopping area called Myeongdong. If you go there, there's a million people standing out in front of the stores shouting at everybody trying to get them to come in their store. Most of the tourists are either Japanese or Chinese but there are still a lot of Koreans. They'll try to guess, based on the way you dress, walk and hairstyle, what language they should yell at you in. They have like a 2 in 3 rate of at least getting people to look at them, but they guess the wrong language a lot. It's a ton of fun to walk around there.
  • My wife is Korean and is mistaken for a foreigner a couple times a year. Her dumbass boss suggested she looked more foreign because of our more western diet. Icing on the cake, though, was when she said my wife's lighter brown eyes had changed colour because of the food she was eating.
  • Haha, that sounds like every Korean boss I've ever met. Stereotype imminent, they seem to have a lot of bizarre pseudoscientific justifications for a lot of weird things. E.g. Fans cleave the air molecule in half so you can't leave them on for too long at night otherwise you won't be able to breath. Ginseng and vita-c will cure everything! Listening to the older generation is wild sometimes
  • Fans cleave the air molecule in half so you can't leave them on for too long at night otherwise you won't be able to breath. Fan Death has always been absolutely hilarious to me. My favorite theory is that the South Korean government created the myth to curb energy consumption during an energy crisis.
  • It originated as a way for a family to circumvent the stigma surrounding suicide. Much easier to say that the fan suffocated them than that they were hanging from it.
  • Technically they were suffocated thanks to the fan
  • That makes a lot of sense actually... Thanks for the info. Only reason that doesn't make sense to me is because the myth is surrounding electric fans, rather than ceiling fans. Edit: doing some research it does seem there is a lot of validity to it. It seems it has been used to cover up deaths from all different types of 'unhonorable' circumstances. (Alcoholism, drug overdose, suicide, etc.)
  • I've known about fan death for a while but this is the first time I've actually seen why people believe in fan death, this is so helpful. Thank you
  • I'm a blonde northern European who grew up in Shanghai. As a teenager, I once had a Chinese man come up to me with his girlfriend in tow and ask me where I was from. I told him my nationality and he then asks me: "Isn't it true that for people of your country, the sunlight turns your eyes and hair lighter?" I was too stunned to answer for a moment, but after a while I said "I don't think so, but maybe the hair if..." - here he cut me off before I could finish the sentence (I sometimes dye my hair and it does lighten back to blonde more easily in the summer months) and addressed his skeptical looking girlfriend with a smug nod, "Yes, yes. It is true, you see? Europeans have blonde hair and blue eyes because of the sunlight. In the winter their hair grows darker. " He then pointed to my roots which were lighter than the rest of my hair. I tried to protest that I dyed my hair darker and that's why the roots were lighter, but he waved me off and walked away while continuing to lecture his increasingly confused looking girlfriend. I got a good laugh out of it at least.
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