Hot dog stand in North End, Boston, 1937

Probably a kid from a class that is middle because their clothes look brand new, has a fresh hair cut, and it has spending cash for a frankfurter. The zippered jacket ended up being a little bit of a giveaway to me personally that ...

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  • Probably a kid from a middle class family because his clothes look new, has a fresh hair cut, and has spending money for a frankfurter.
  • The zippered jacket was a bit of a giveaway to me that his family had money. It would've been a pretty progressive clothing item at the time.
  • Not middle class, he had to have been a run boy for the mafia, the North End was Boston's hot spot for the Italians then and now. He's probably holding a gun in the other hand.
  • Ay oh oh ay...watcha mouth kehd.
  • /r/malefashionadvice material
  • I think you unintentionally identified the reason so many people make fun of MFA. 80 year old picture of a kid wearing a forgettable jacket and bloomers ? Really?
  • /r/streetwear
  • How that intersection looks today
  • Original Image. More from me.
  • 5 cents for a hot dog?!
  • Take that, Costco!
  • IKEA still takes the cake with 50 cent hot dogs.
  • Equivalent to 82 cents today.
  • I sometimes question official inflation calculation. 82 cents feels low. Last time I had a hot dog from a stand like this it was $3.00.
  • It doesn't take into account all the taxes that are paid at every step in providing that hotdog, nor does it take into account that now everything has to pass multiple branches of government inspection. Then we get to things like the cart which used to probably be a pot of boiling water and now is required to keep everything at set temperatures for specific amounts of time by law. I could go buy a hsit ton of the cheapest, most nasty (but probably great tasting) hot dogs, some cheap buns and a Costco barrel of mustard and sell hot dogs all day for 82 cents and turn a profit. IF I was able to ignore all that other bullshit that is.
  • Do you think CPI would offer a more accurate indicator here then?
  • Not even going to pretend that I know what that is and I honestly love learning new things on Reddit so please enlighten me! Also I'd like to mention that my comment wasn't derogatory towards yours, I simply typed out my inner monologue in the hope that someone else would be entertained by reading it.
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