French medallion of Napoleon Bonaparte and Tsar Alexander I embracing, made to celebrate the Treaty of Tilsit (1807)

He stated that to their spouse? Holy shit. I wonder just how that went down with her. In my opinion at that point he was shortly to divorce Josephine to be able to marry an princess that is austrian as to test and ...

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  • He said that to his wife? Holy shit. I wonder how that went down with her.
  • I believe at that point he was shortly to divorce Josephine in order to marry an Austrian princess so as to try and have an heir (he loved the crap out of Josephine, but she was old at that point and he needed to have some legitimate children). Also they both rather indiscreetly had extramarital affairs repeatedly prior to that so it wasn't a big deal.
  • The extramarital affairs part reminded me of another character at Napoleon's court. I found this passage to be particularly amusing. "But saxuality had its triumphant showpiece in the third sister, Pauline [Bonaparte], a byword for nymphomania and lubriciousness. Incorrigibly frivolous, with a strong Italian accent, Pauline behaved in a vague and absent-minded way as if not in full possession of her faculties. She spent vast sums on clothes and fortune tellers and was an embarrassment to Napoleon if she ever appeared at the Tuileries; she was not above sticking her tongue out defiantly at Josephine if the mood took her. In private she had a string of lovers and an unassuageable saxual appetite. As one of her studs remarked: "She was the greatest tramp imaginable and the most desirable." One of her early eascapades was a 72-hour saxual marathon with the future Marshal MacDonald, for which she laid in a carefully prepared stock of food and drink. When her husband Leclerc was given command of the army sent to defeat Toussaint l'Ouverture in Haiti, Pauline was brokenhearted for it meant saying farewell to her latest lover, Pierre Lafon, an actor at the Comedie-Francaise. To celebrate her unwilling exile, before she left she had an orgy, in which five different lovers shared her bed. On the voyage to Haiti she made sure she was accompanied by three more, her first paramour Stanislas Freron, General Humbert the hero of the '98 in Ireland, and General Boyer, but these were not the only ones to share her bed in Santo Domino. She sailed in December 1801, showed courage in Haiti, and dabbled in voodoo. When Leclerc died of yellow fever she returned to France (arriving New Year's Day, 1803). For 400,000 francs she bought the Hotel de Charost in the Faubourg St-Honore and was soon back to her promiscuous ways, embarrassing Napoleon at all points. Her career came to a brief halt when she had to seek a cure (successfully) for gonorrhea. Napoleon: A Biography by Frank McLynn
  • I can't imagine anything more french than this.
  • I would say it's pretty Corsican, not French.
  • Pauline Bonaparte is my spirit animal.
  • Well Napoleon forgave Josephine for her indiscretion with that Cavalry officer and had years of happy marriage after that.
  • I did not mean to imply that he didn't, just that it would not have been a surprise or a big deal for them at that point.
  • Well It Is that famous painting of Napoleon leaving a room with Josephine crying on a coach so I'd figure there'd be some minor issues Is all.
  • I think that was from when he divorced her and sent her to live up in Normandy(?). Even then they had a cordial relationship although they never saw each other again, they wrote to each other occasionally.
  • Not towards the end he didn't. He was sick of her infidelity and shit. That's why he took mistresses left and right. Even his own officers' wives.
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