Eureka Colorado (unknown date, late 1800s)

Many Thanks! I am happy you liked it! Great work, i've some images my grandpa took during the war that is korean do you understand where I could publish them till have them colorized? That would make a good Christmas ...

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  • Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!
  • Great work, I have some pictures my grandpa took during the Korean war, do you know where I could post them till have them colorized? That would make a great Christmas gift.
  • /r/colorizationrequests 🙂
  • Thank you
  • I do know that there is a subreddit for requests, but I forget which one. I always take them as well, though. I'll look up the subreddit when I'm near my computer next (using my phone right now). But feel free to PM me for requests.
  • Thank you
  • I have a few questions, firstly how much do you charge to do colorizations? Secondly if the pictures are scanned and then transferred to imgur via my phone will the file be large enough for you or do I need to use a computer?
  • Hey! It mostly depends on the photo, but it tends to be around $35. As for the photo size, bigger is usually better, but I can resize a bit on my end, so it's not a big deal. So yeah, that should work (so long as it's not thumbnail tiny, ha).
  • Ok thanks, ill get a hold of you sometime this week and decide wich pictures I want done.
  • Sounds good.
  • There's a link to my pictures, let me know if that will work or if I need to re scan them. Do you just want to do this through PayPal? Also, this is for Christmas so if you don't have time to do all of them just let me know. Thanks a lot
  • Great! I'll take a look at them when I'm near my computer to make sure, but that should work. I'm finishing up a photo right now for another person, but I should be able to get started tonight. It's a toss up if I get them all done, but I'll send you the photos one by one as I finish them just to be safe (that way you'll have something to give out). I'll also send you a paypal link with the first photo and you can pay as we go.
  • The scenery is just beautiful.
  • It's like a seeing a Clint Eastwood movie set except it's the real deal. Very facking cool.
  • Ha, exactly. That's part of why I chose the photo.
  • That's very cool, since Eureka is a ghost town now .
  • I haven't been that way since I was a kid, but it'd be cool to go check it out again. It's a beautiful area.
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