Drink Dr. Pepper, 1939.

You beat me to it lol, I was gonna say the thing that is best about this pic may be the lack of Cavendishes Anybody understand where we will get one? I have always wanted to test one I'm pretty sure you ...

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  • You beat me to it lol, I was gonna say the best thing about this pic is the lack of Cavendishes
  • Anybody know where I can get one? I've always wanted to try one
  • I'm pretty sure you can't.
  • You can, just not at the grocery store.
  • They're still grown in Thailand (where they survived the blight that wiped out Gros Michel plantations in South America and Africa) and in Malaysia. They're pretty much only available in southeastern Asia now.
  • Damn I bet it tasted good too. Unf.
  • It did. The original maker was still operating until 10 years ago. Then had to change the name or close due to rights issue with the Snapple group. Try a squeeze of lemon in your next DP .
  • Any Dr Pepper made with Pure Cane sugar is identical to Dublin Dr Pepper. The only thing any DP bottler does, including Dublin, is add in water and sweetener to a mix that is created by DPSG in a factory in Saint Louis. Also DPSG didn't take over production. DPS only makes the Premix. The Temple Texas and Irving Texas bottlers (and any other DP bottler that wants to) makes it.
  • Dublin Dr Pepper was a licensed bottler, and not the original. Dr Pepper Snapple is the name of the company that was once the original Dr Pepper. After countless mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. Dublin lost their license, as far as I know, because they were selling their product in other licensee territories. There was more, I'm sure.
  • You are correct. And as long as all they were selling was the 8 oz novelty bottles DPSG didn't care, but then they began selling it as a fountain drink to restaurants in other bottler's territories, and that was the straw that broke corporate's back. At the same time DPSG was changing the way they labeled all their products and they wanted Dublin Dr Pepper to comply to the new guidelines. Of course they completely refused, adding more fuel to the fire.
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