Dinner party outside tent at the Army of the Potomac headquarters - Brandy Station, VA, April 1865.

We love coloured photos for the US Civil War! Do you understand if there is a written book or something like that with a lot of colour Civil War pictures and perhaps some history behind each one of these? I have no idea, sorry. Possibly ...

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  • I love coloured photos of the US Civil War! Do you know if there's a book or something with a load of colour Civil War photos and maybe some history behind each one?
  • I don't know, sorry. Maybe /u/zuzahin will be able to help you.
  • Wow, you weren't kidding. It really did screw the colours. I'm glad I came into the comments, normally I don't. You did a great job.
  • http://i.imgur.com/FpU0kgE.jpg Nice job! Both images have the same colour for me using Res on Chrome on a Macbook.
  • This looks really good. Thanks for sharing. Maybe the guy in the back's face is a little bright relative to the scene. I love your choice of colors for the table bottles. Were you thinking oil and vinegar? You did a killer job on the tress and nature. It looks indistinguishable from a regular camera shot. I am not by any means an expert or photographer, just someone who enjoys this subreddit.
  • Excellent work. Almost looks like a Kodachrome!
  • Apparently one of these guys is a civilian? He seems to be the main focal point for the other diners
  • Beautiful!
  • These guys are gettin crunk AF
  • What are you basing that on? I can't see any obvious liquor bottles on the table. They all have coffee mugs and the servant has what appears to be a water jug. Edit: just zoomed in. Those bottles may be whiskey or something
  • This doesnt even look real. Wow
  • This is racist yo
  • Saw "Virginia" and got excited... facking Yankees.
  • I'm a proud Virginian, and I'll tell you we joined the wrong side. The vast majority of our citizens didn't own slaves, and the abominable institution drove down the price of the working man's labor. For poor Americans to go to war against their fellow poor Americans, to die defending a barbaric institution that destroyed lives and kept us poor, is a travesty, and there was no honor in the Confederacy; only a lie, its victims, and the evil, malicious bastards who sold it to us.
  • North Carolinian, very few slave holding population there too, but I still support what the vast majority of poor confederates fought for. It wasn't slavery at all. It was a response to having their homes invaded by the federal government. If we want to go deeper than that, the north never really gave that much of a stink about slavery. It's just that the 1.6% of slaveholders in the south were the wealthiest men in the country. When the federal government started demanding tariffs from that money the south refused. It was never about human rights for Lincoln or the Union. It was about not getting their slice of that pie. Was slavery a bad institution? Yeah, abhorrent. Your Virginian Lee said so himself. It was starting to be phased out in the south during the 1850s and would have faded regardless. The vast majority of southerners were defending themselves, their families, and their homes. That's the honor in being southern. I'll never be ashamed of those men in my family who died under the third flag of the confederacy. They died with honor and valor, defending the only life and home they'd ever known.
  • Very misleading, even false numbers there. Slavery was not an elitist thing that the common southerner had nothing to do with, since 30% of the families of the South owned slaves as evidenced by the 1860 census . Your 1.6% number is for the whole of the US, it translates to almost 5% for the South but the point is everyone in the family benefited from slave labor. Now granted, most of those families were not anywhere near close to the plantation class however they did have a vested interest in keeping slavery alive. Politically, while the North was not interested in ending slavery, it was in ending its expansion while the Confederacy was all about keeping and expanding slavery, according to their own Constitution, various secession bills or Hamilton's famous Cornerstone Speech.
  • Interesting...FWIW, I'm an Arizonan, so I guess I have little/nothing much to say about the American Civil War, but is this a common thread of thought among Virginians/Southerners? I've toured some of the more historic battlefields with my family who was raised back east (NY) and I've always been enthralled by the history at our feet...it's very solemn. I'd love to go back when I'm older.
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