Claude Monet, French Impressionist painter, ca. 1923

The green beam in the room is most intriguing to me for some reason. Everything in the image that is colorized pretty much the things I would expect, but taking a look at the B&W I would not imagine that beam will be ...

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  • For some reason the green beam in the room is most intriguing to me. Everything in the colorized image is pretty much what I would expect, but looking at the B&W I would never guess that beam would be green. Very cool.
  • As a color-blind person, thanks for pointing this out!
  • I'm not a Monet expert but I'm pretty sure these are the ones hanging in the Orangerie in Paris. I'm guessing that because the room is filled with huge murals of lilies and they are about that size.
  • Looks like he's looking up from checking his phone and just noticed that the picture is being taken
  • oh hey, didn't see you there
  • Those are at the Met in NYC, right? If so, I've seen them in person. The color in that photo is pretty accurate.
  • I'm not sure about those specific works, but the Met does have a room dedicated to Monet.
  • No, they are in Paris.
  • If they are are the modern art museum there, then I've seen them in person too. I went to a lot of museums last year in Paris, London and New York. They all start to run together after a while. I think the V&A was my favorite. Their sculpture cast collection was really cool.
  • I keep meaning to go to the V&A. I'll have to go next time I'm down in London.
  • Why does he have a black bands on his sleave?
  • Its probably a mourning band, Monet saw a lot of death in his family so that would be my guess
  • He lost his first and second wife and also his son, Jean.
  • Bonus points for colourizing 2.5 Monets.
  • Wonderful! One of my favorite artists.
  • Hmmm. I guess artists have always dressed weirdly.
  • What's the arm band?
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