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Once a Beatle: When Ringo was ill with tonsillitis, he substituted on drums for 8 concerts & lived a superstar's life for 10 days. But Ringo has returned... Now Jimmie Nicol sits alone in the Melbourne airport, waiting for the plane that will take him back to obscurity (15 June 1964) [1600x1104]

To not mention that haircut! And those boots that are really pointy! O pointy shoes, o pointy pointy, Anoint my mind, anointy-nointy. “THE BEA TLES” “It’s perhaps not a purse, … This image with...


Nuremberg Nazi rally, 1937 [1280x855]

We’ve always thought conflicted whenever taking a look at the uniforms of the reich, We actually enjoy the design, colors, etc… nevertheless the history and horror with the feeling that us as humans can...