Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria.

Exact Same. According to Wikipedia he ended up being 50 as he was assassinated. Could have sworn he had been half that. He had been within the Berenstein world. With just how people that are many in saying they thought ...

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  • Same. According to Wikipedia he was 50 when he was assassinated. Could have sworn he was half that.
  • He was in the Berenstein universe.
  • With how many people chiming in saying they thought he was very young too, the Bernstein universe seems very plausible
  • Semi related: I read yesterday that Neil Armstrong has been dead since 2012, and I SWEAR I remember this happening only a year or two ago. I remember Obama tweeting about it and I remember the house I was in when I saw it. This bothers me.
  • Hey btw, it has always been the "Smithsonian Instit ution in this universe, and at the end of "We are the Champions", Freddy Mercury never sang "...of the world". That's right. Even George is confused as fack.
  • It's just that "of the world" is sang at the end of the other verses so we assume it's at the end too.
  • Ppft Obviously switching universes is a more likely scenario.
  • The lack of "...Of the wooooorld" feels very wrong and I do not like this universe at all.
  • I've always taken that song as being something of a parody. It's just so over the top. So the final chord being... ok, my music theory is failing me, it's not "minor". Is it a "diminished 7th"?... and without the "Of the world" really shows how the entire sentiment of the song is invalid. I like it.
  • Same here, it's the Idiocracy universe as I call it, with celebrity names being spelled like a moron would etc. This is bigger than the stupid bears, and it's getting more blatant, as can be seen by the reaction of literally everyone in that cab. Keep in mind, officially Freddie never sang that, yet somehow everyone remembers it. See /r/mandelaeffect , there's quite a few trolls and people who just can't spell but also lots of interesting discussion.
  • Oh god the irony.
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