Abraham Lincoln by Alexander Hesler, 1860.

Thank you kindly. Initial More From Me Personally. Great work! Did not this version is used by you for the initial? Does anyone else think he sort of appearance like Bill Nye? Bill ...

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  • Thank you kindly.
  • Original More From Me.
  • Great work! Didn't you use this version for the original?
  • Does anyone else think he kind of looks like Bill Nye?
  • Bill Nye + Kramer
  • Abillham the to-phat guy. EDIT: Top-hat, but I'll just leave that.
  • Despite having a rather large nose, it fits him well
  • It matches his giant ears.
  • I've read in a few places that he was actually quite handsome. Unfortunately for us it was a kind of handsome that didn't translate to photograph.
  • Hmm I saw in a documentary that he had a genetic disorder where the two halves of his face were of different size, which is why he grew the beard. A head-on beardless shot would be nice.
  • See him four years later and he looks awful and quite different. I know the war took a toll, but some doctors are saying the mercury pills and other things he was taking were doing him in. Some also think he might have suffered from some kind of disease that was doing him in.
  • Those cheekbones. I bet female descendants of that would be supermodel material.
  • I came here to say that! Dem cheekbones!
  • Looks more like Kramer than ever
  • I was thinking an older Zach Braff
  • http://i.imgur.com/nvE1Zcj.jpg
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zasrksJMAas&t=1s
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