A motorist stops to get directions from a state trooper in New Mexico, 1939 - [2000x1436]

Not just that, i believe that isn't a state trooper but possibly a gasoline place attendant ( right here are some police that is NM to contrast the picture with) EDIT: cap badge appears much like this from an ...

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  • Not only that, I think that's not a state trooper but possibly a gas station attendant ( here are some NM police uniforms to contrast the photo with) EDIT: hat badge looks very similar to this from an oil tanker truck company EDIT2: Looks like this photo was taken by Luis Marden and is not colorized EDIT3: assuming this is accurate, the original National Geographic caption from 1939 echos the OP's title
  • And being that the car is in front of a Phillips 66 gas station, this makes complete sense.
  • Slow down. There's still the question of the dog. I mean, what kind of dog is that? Is it a wire hair Jack Russell that wasn't colorized?
  • Jackdaw?
  • Agree. That does not look like any kind of state police.
  • Exactly. No badge, no gun no creased trousers.
  • Both men have creased pants. Look closely
  • mountains in the background *whoops not route 66 but Philips 66 the shadows fall to the right
  • Wow! That's awesome! As a lover of the US Parks system, I'm always deeply indebted to the CCC for making many of the trails.
  • And lodges cabins fire towers shelters bridges signs....
  • And schools, water purification facilities, road ways, parks--it was a great program.
  • Yea. of course. But I admittedly take these for granted. I know I shouldn't. But Parks are somehow majestic and hard to take for granted. Especially since I live in a very urban area, at least 8 hours away from a National Park.
  • It's nice to see some snapshots of mundane everyday life on this sub rather than photos of historically significant events. Good post.
  • Agreed. I get sick of all the war-themed stuff.
  • Yes, I wish we could have like a war free week once!
  • I declare war on your war free week.
  • That's an awesome idea.. I think you just struck gold.
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