A German Stug III self-propelled gun cut view, cramped!

We totally agree. Few weeks ago I became in a museum and got inside a M-41 Walker Bulldog which will be nearly the size that is same although various setup having a turret, however the feeling was the exact same. You ...

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  • I totally agree. Few weeks ago I was in a museum and got inside a M-41 Walker Bulldog which is almost the same size, although different configuration having a turret, but the feeling was the same. You could hardly move there and it was a clean thing being in a museum. Imagine it plenty of rounds, other objects you carry with you, dirty, noisy etc. I could not figure either how to escape from it in case of emergency, being the tank commander and leaving through the turret top hatch was difficult even in a static display position I can`t even picture that in a combat setting after being hit by a shell or a shape charge...terrifying!
  • M41 is a scout/light tank so you won't be able to think of much after getting hit
  • I got to sit in an Abrams a while back. Not much better.
  • Yep. Thought the same before I read some memoirs of tank crews. I'll take a random mortar shell in my foxhole.
  • It's something you'd think of though isn't it. That you're out of the line of fire but definitely not. I mean I was reading an account of the Ardennes Offensive and on the narrow roads the German panzers were picked off by all sorts of guns and launchers, including 57mm anti-tank guns. And then you have the case that if you're hit and you climb out, you get picked off by the infantry etc. Besides the fact they are, as you said, fire death traps.
  • Wow, any more cutaway views of other vehicles?
  • I suspect it smelled terrible in those tanks
  • Especially after everyone's been eating beans and sauerkraut for a few weeks
  • On the plus side on the Eastern Front at least you've got your buddies to warm you up a little.
  • I can't even imagine the concussion in there from even a bazooka round.
  • Bazooka had shape charges among their ammo options, it that hits you are basically fried. After piercing the hull It projects a high pressure high velocity jet of melted metal into the tank compartment...you can imagine the rest.
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