A child of a migrant family lies sick in Yakima Valley, Washington, 1939.

What type of sickness is this? I am not certain, it was not recorded. We just browse the Grapes of Wrath. The dust bowl as much American history as we have to memorize in American schools ...

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  • What kind of sickness is this?
  • I'm not sure, it wasn't recorded.
  • I just read The Grapes of Wrath. As much American history as we have to memorize in American schools, the dust bowl doesn't seem to be focused on enough to me. Amazingly morbid and culturally altering time..
  • What an amazing photograph. Took my breath away. I've never seen such a vivid, high quality image of this era before. I wish we could view all of the past with such clarity.
  • wut
  • No true Scotsman, he thinks because it's colorized it's not a true photograph. Looking at his history he seems to be a philosophy student so it makes sense. I'll contact him to clear the issue up though
  • I can't say I really agree with your decision to put redness around his eyes (it looks overdone/forced) but it's very well done otherwise.
  • You know, I had a more subtle tone originally (you can see that version on my FB page), but I showed it to a couple people who said she didn't look very sick. Personally, I'm kind of torn on which version is more realistic, but I think this version makes her look more sickly.
  • I agree with SocksForBreakfast about the eyes and the overall exceptional quality. I wasn't paying attention to the subreddit when I looked at the picture (from my front page) and thought it was a real color photo until I looked at the facial redness. A little too bright/strong. Great job on every other element. Have you made any tutorials?
  • I haven't, personally, but I know /u/Zuzahin had two or three tutorials floating around.
  • As Captain said, I've made a very bad one here , it's fast paced, and it's outdated, but it'll get you started on the basics I hope. Let me know if you need any help with it. 🙂
  • FWIW, I have kids that age who are sick at the moment with what seems to be the flu, and I would bet the color under the child's eyes was somewhat gray , more than red. The color difference is there in the B&W, but the redness implies irritation and less toward actual sickness, which lends a gray pallor. Notwithstanding, this is amazing work.
  • It's a policy question. Interfere with the evidence, or leave it be.
  • Wait, her ? Wow, could have fooled me.
  • Such a haunting photo..beautifully done, I wonder what happened to her. Just a family history memory of that era/place-my father and his brothers drove over to the Yakima area looking for work around 1935 (Dad was born in 1917). They piled in a car and headed out from the Seattle area. Twice in that area they came across roadblocks manned by local men with sticks, clubs, rifles, demanding to know if they were coming for work. They told the men they were just coming to visit family and were allowed to proceed after questioning. He said it was very scary.
  • My paternal grandmother was among these immigrants. I live within 70 miles of that area. Beautiful country full of agriculture.
  • Wow, first time I've seen my home town area of Yakima come up on reddit that wasn't an /r/Yakima thread!
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