70th anniversary of V-E Day

Once I first saw this pic, we did not understand its context at was and first like "Where's the german banner?" i quickly noticed hammer and sickle. EDIT: Apparantly, its easier for individuals to downvote, than ...

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  • When i first saw this pic, i didn't understand its context at first and was like "Where's the german flag?" Then i noticed hammer and sickle. EDIT: Apparantly, its easier for people to downvote, than ask. I saw the picture on another site, without any context as to why and how and me, being a someone born long after WW2 in a german speaking country, was wondering why germany was excluded from being "united". Then i noticed the soviet flag and realized that it has been posted because of V-Day, referring to the victory over Nazi germany.
  • That makes no sense, no matter how many times i read it
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